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Book now your amazing experience with a parasailing over the sea! Departing and landing are made directly from the ship. Make your vacation unforgettable!

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Enjoy parasailing waters sport in Mallorca with incredible experience to rise  from the water and the wonderful view.

Departure and landing are made directly from the ship, under strict security and protection requirements.

Book here your amazing experience and make your vacation unforgettable!

16 reviews for Parasailing

  1. Alessandro Russo

    Don’t forget to try it! The greatest thing in the world!

  2. Emma Wilson

    When you rise above the waves, the silence, tranquility and the great view embrace you and give you a special feeling! I highly recommend it!

  3. Fayette Lavigne

    Unforgettable and wonderful!

  4. Bernard Badeaux

    Absolument numéro 1!!!

  5. Fahima Baghdadi

    We were a big group and we had booked the whole boat just for us! It was … it was … I have no words to describe this unforgettable feeling!

  6. Ekaterina Shelepova

    Thanks for convincing me to get on! I recommend it !!!

  7. Jürgen Weber


  8. Gabriella Brambilla

    Wow, wow, wow!

  9. Günter Klaus

    Ich werde es niemals vergessen! Unglaublich!

  10. Raphaël Roux

    I was alone because my girlfriend didn’t have the courage. I was flying with a very nice couple and it was unforgettable! Next summer I will convince my girlfriend to come up with me.

  11. Olivia Brown

    Amazing! Absolutely amazing!!!

  12. Emilia Schmitz

    At first I was very scared, but watching the previous people come down happy and with a smile I gained courage. And I’m not sorry! Want it again!

  13. Louis Petit

    Apparemment, il y avait beaucoup de gens prêts à faire du parachute ascensionnel et nous avons dû attendre environ 2 heures. Mais comme nous sommes en vacances, ils sont vite passés. Ça vaut vraiment le coup d’attendre !!!!

  14. Mihail Popov

    Просто супер!

  15. Emma Wilson

    I’ve tried a parachute in many places, but I liked it here the most! Thank you for everything!

  16. Chris Madison

    Absolutely fantastic! Thank you for the pictures!

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